my cat is not moving what is wrong with him?


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My cat was raised in a barn and not spayed until I took her in at age 3 . She bites when I have not petted her enough. It is gentle, but I pull away and walk away . Now she has begun to simply rub her face on me, I reward that with petting. She is 5  rescued after several litters of kittens were killed by the dog over more

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My partners cat is a rspca rescue cat he is white all over and bits of ginger on the top off his head and ginger tail he doesn’t like us stroking him at all but he ... Feline nutrition, general health and behavior. Better lives through better care! BlogNutrition & Food Nutrition & Food Home Canned Foods No Kibble! Raw Feeding Raw Feeding Home Raw feeding your house-cat: What’s all the fuss about? Raw Feeding Your Cat: Just the Basics. ‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem… Scary Bones Whole Bone Alternatives: When more

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