why do non christians believe christians are brainwashed?


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Sep 01, 2013 · One can go to a variety of websites, where they will tell you about the freemasonry of Walt Disney, Club 33, Disney's training and "mind control" of young future "stars" [think Miley Cyrus]. I believe many of these things are true,  but let's break this down and cut through the chase, no having to convince anyone of so called "conspiracies" HERE.... read more

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The forum to discuss things that are happening in the world today . Philosophy (120,067 Posts in 2,519 Threads) Last Post: Evidence  by kristina411, 10th February 2015 09:41 AM The forum for the discussion and debate of general philosophy & epistemology Physical & Life Sciences (1,205,680 Posts in 19,450 Threads) Last Post: Wait so, believers should. ..... read more

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